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In-Depth Protocols for Nervous System Thriving with Grimhood

"I do not offer “Medical Advice", I teach Self-Care of what, why, and how to care for yourself when medical system pharma isn’t resolving personal health issues." – Gr...

Human Zoo Counter-Measures & Breaking Breath-Hold Records with Erwan Le Corre

"Oxygen is an accident. Breath is intentional." – Erwan Le Corre

Mental Resilience, Cognitive Canaries & High-Stakes Decision Making with Retired Poker Pro Chris Sparks

"There are no adverse conditions, just opportunities to differentiate yourself through proper training, mindset, and preparation... all personal development is a Troja...

The Art & Science of Leveraging Your Physiology with Aaron Alexander

"It’s as though our endocrine system is deciphering our postural positions like a person reading braille & actually changing our mood based on the signalling of ou...

Achieve More, Grind Less & Increase Your Aliveness with Michael Ashcroft

"Awareness has a variable shape and size—and learning to control it is a powerful skill" ~ Michael Ashcroft

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