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Brushes with Insanity, Insights from Solitude & The Inner Adventure with Daniel Thorson

This is a special episode with Daniel Thorson — who I initially came across through his super podcast called 'Emerge'  and later learned that he was living as a full-t...

The Orchestra of Ancient Healing Wisdom & Practices with Dr. John Churchill

Dr. John Churchill spent 15 years training and teaching “Great Seal” meditation in an Indo-Tibetan lineage and is a founding member of the Integral Institute led by th...

Exploring Somatics, Breathwork & Emotional Fluidity with Jonny Miller & Christofer Lövgren

This is a slightly different type of episode — in which my friend Christofer interviewed me for his superb DO EXPLAIN Podcast. I enjoyed the conversation so much that ...

Deep Fix: Exploring Hakomi & Ayahuasca as Antidotes to Addiction with Alex Olshonsky

When we fall in love, we suddenly become open to new possibilities for our future. Our lives suddenly feel more meaningful, our sense of belonging more relevant. When ...

In-Depth Protocols for Nervous System Thriving with Grimhood

"I do not offer “Medical Advice", I teach Self-Care of what, why, and how to care for yourself when medical system pharma isn’t resolving personal health issues." – Gr...

Human Zoo Counter-Measures & Breaking Breath-Hold Records with Erwan Le Corre

"Oxygen is an accident. Breath is intentional." – Erwan Le Corre

Mental Resilience, Cognitive Canaries & High-Stakes Decision Making with Retired Poker Pro Chris Sparks

"There are no adverse conditions, just opportunities to differentiate yourself through proper training, mindset, and preparation... all personal development is a Troja...

The Art & Science of Leveraging Your Physiology with Aaron Alexander

"It’s as though our endocrine system is deciphering our postural positions like a person reading braille & actually changing our mood based on the signalling of our mo...

Achieve More, Grind Less & Increase Your Aliveness with Michael Ashcroft

"Awareness has a variable shape and size—and learning to control it is a powerful skill" ~ Michael Ashcroft

New Frontiers of Breathwork: Translating the Language of the Breath & Cultivating Nervous System Resilience with Ed Dangerfield

"I guide people to feel at home in their body through breathing ~ when we breathe dynamically, fully, deeply, we live the same way." – Edward Dangerfield, Nervous Syst...

What Creates Lasting Transformation? From Homeless Heroin Addict to Prolific Podcaster + Behaviour Change Coach with Eric Zimmer

"At the age of 24, I was homeless, addicted to heroin, and facing long jail sentences. In the years since I not only found a way to overcome these obstacles to create ...

The Pathless Path & The Magic of Non-Doing with Paul Millerd

"Some of my favourite questions include: What matters? Why do we work? What is the “good life”? What holds people back from change? How do we find work that brings us...

Being in Service to Life with Charles Eisenstein

"Grief for the dying world is what is required for the world not to die. Grief is the full realisation of the preciousness of what is being lost. Without this understa...

Meditation Myth-Busting, Finding Alignment & Living an Effortless Life with Michael King

"If I place my effort inwardly, then everything will flow effortlessly from there—from that deeply connected place." —Michael King

Blueprints for Civilisation, Post-traumatic Growth & Re-imagining the Role of the Human with Dr. Zachary Stein

"What do we need to give “our children” so they can prosper and grow into their highest potential—even though we don’t know what kind of challenges they will face in t...

Redefining Emotional Freedom, Exploring Healthy Ambition & Accessing Deep Joy with Joe Hudson

Jonny: "How would you define healthy ambition?" Joe: "All ambition is healthy. Until you think it's gonna make you happy."

The Art of Asking Questions, Incentivising Negative Effort & Deconstructing Human Perception with Malcolm Ocean

In which my Twitter friend Malcolm and I nerd out on esoteric topics ranging from the art of asking questions to the barely known ideas contained in 'Perceptual Contro...

Exploring the Three Marriages of Self, Work and Partnership with Kelly Wilde

"The human condition that we've all kind of grown up to know, we go through a caging process, we get put into cages, we're asked to color within the lines, follow the ...

The Science of the Nervous System, Functional Breathwork Training and Our Sixth Sense of Interoception with Conni Biesalski

"How you experience life is determined by your nervous system. Change the state of your nervous system and you will change your reality."

Effing the Ineffable, Re-Imagining Love & Relieving Reality of Its Seriousness with Alice Frank

""AAAHHHH, the point is not to stay perfect, it is to LET LOOSE the perfection in you. Sometimes you got to throw yourself around a bit." —Alice Frank

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Re-Claiming Your Attention with Award Winning Poet Max Stossel

"I feel like I'm hurling stones into this giant pool of consciousness. And I finish each poem with a splash. And for a moment, there's a ripple over this vast pool of ...

Jamie Wheal on The Meaning Crisis, Hedonic Engineering & Forging a Culture of Post-Traumatic Growth

"I think the most the simplest, most powerful and potentially only really meaningful question is, what is mine and mine alone to do? And how do I begin it?" – Jamie Wheal

How to Human: Exploring Soul Initiation, Mythopoetic Identity & The Spiritual Adventure with Depth Psychologist & Wilderness Guide Dr. Bill Plotkin

"True Adults and Elders are people who know why they were born, who know who they are as unique individual participants in the web of life, and who, in most everything...

Designing a GPS for Navigating Challenging Emotions with Cris Beasley

"Never let a good calamity go to waste" – Cris Beasley

Mindfulness, Language Learning & The Four Causes of Procrastination with Arthur Worsley

"There are only four causes of procrastination: Lack of clarity, lack of courage, lack of motivation and lack of energy." –Arthur Worsley

Creating Smart Luck & Engineering Serendipity with Dr. Christian Busch

"Good luck isn’t just chance—it can be learned and leveraged." — Dr. Christian Busch

The Everyday Wizardry of Ritual with Casper Ter Kuile

“The gift of spiritual practices is that they cultivate courage, so that we will risk more for one another.” —Casper Ter Kuile

Make Your Myth, Face Your Shadow & Own Your Truth with Erick Godsey

"The tragic beauty of the human condition is that we suffer so much more than we have to—because of the stories that we tell ourselves." – Erick Godsey

The Subtle Art of Facilitation with Andi Cuddington

Unlocking the genius in the room, one workshop at a time—practical wisdom on how to become a world-class facilitator.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence + Perfectionism with Emile Steenveld

"When your spine is out of alignment our body tries to adjust and then develops blockages and pain. Exactly the same thing happens when we are out of alignment with ou...

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