Rewilding Ourselves on Spaceship Earth with Dan Burgess

In this wide-ranging conversation we talk with the self-described 'Captain of Spaceship Earth', Mr. Dan Burgess. He has built a career around helping creative leaders rediscover their mojo through immersing them in nature.
🌳 Dan has worked with some of the most innovative and inspiring brands, kickstarted a global movement to reconnect kids with nature, founded and built a global creative generosity network and guest lectures on Co-Creating the Emerging Future.

🎧 Oh and he’s also a former club DJ, as well as a trail running surf-loving dad! I was so grateful for the long walks and meandering conversations we shared in Portugal, Dan’s enthusiasm for life is contagious and he’s someone who believes in the extraordinary possibilities for the future 🌎

❓ Listener Question: What are some of your favourite ways to 'Rewild Yourself'?

Find out more about Dan on his website: or say hi on Twitter @dansolos

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Rewilding Ourselves on Spaceship Earth with Dan Burgess
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