Embracing Uncertainty & Radical Curiosity with Leo Babauta

"When you’re feeling fear, instead of turning away from it or trying to escape/avoid it … try turning towards it. Actually allow yourself to feel the fear. We don’t often want to feel it, but we have a greater capacity to feel fear than we give ourselves credit for." – Leo Babauta
Leo Babauta is the prolific writer of Zen Habits who is joining me from the distant island of Guam 7,400 miles away. Here are a few tasters for what to expect in this wide-ranging conversation:

😨 How Zen Habits evolved into his mission to help others push into their uncertainty.

👨‍🎓 How Leo unschooled and de-programmed his kids to facilitate their own natural state of curiosity.

🚀 Leo's compelling case for why a fully-optimised life would actually suck and risks being the most controlled boring thing possible.

💪 Developing and training 'radical curiosity' to dive inwards even when you don't like what you're seeing—how to hold the pose when you're entire body wants to shut down and run.

🤼 What he's learned about learning and his no-holds-barred debate with Tim Ferriss on the idea of abandoning goals.

🧘‍♂️ The incredible Zen Habits origin story – his path from being in debt, overweight, a smoker and feeling miserable to escaping debt, gaining a following of over a million readers, publishing books on habit-change, finding joy and even running an ultra-marathon!


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Embracing Uncertainty & Radical Curiosity with Leo Babauta
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