The Adventure of Grief ➫ My Story of Navigating Loss & Learning to Fall in Love with the World Anew

Earlier this year, I was invited to take part in a poignant photography project by British photographer Simon Bray. Nearly a decade ago Simon lost his father to prostate cancer and felt moved to start this project as a way to shine a light on the stigma of grief in our society, to 'act as a public declaration that death has lost its sting'.

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An Invitation

Thinking back on those years we shared,
I marvel at how you risked delight,
Amidst those waves of your own anguish.

But perhaps your greatest gift,
Was the way in which,
you taught me how to love.
As you did, 
with every fibre of your being.

And now that you are gone,
I know what I must do.
I must seek out,
the trees,
the flowers 
and the sea!

All those radiantly alive places,
That you held in your affection.
For in their presence,
I still feel your spirit dancing.

Only now do I understand,
That your final gift,
Was a beautiful invitation,
An invitation,
To learn to fall in love 
With the world 

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