Designing a GPS for Navigating Challenging Emotions with Cris Beasley

"Never let a good calamity go to waste" – Cris Beasley
This seeds for this conversation were planted at the end of last year when I was listening to a podcast called ‘Hack Reality’ and Cris shared her phone number at the end of the episode—I sent her a voice memo about the Poet David Whyte... we since became good friends and when COVID hit she followed an intuitive hit to reach out and ended up living with us here in Oaxaca Mexico for a month.

Cris has one of the most eclectic backgrounds you’ll come across. She went from founding a venture-backed AI fashion company, to hosting a podcast about the future of technology, and more recently has taken a left turn into the world of trauma healing and spent the better part of the last three years designing a card deck for exploring shadow emotions—which is about to launch on Kickstarter.

So as I said, one hell of an eclectic background and as such our conversation dances around between:

🔥 Insights from exploring the money stories and the rock bottom moment of having to shut down her company on short notice
👣 Learning how to connect with her intuition following an assignment to follow her curiosity walking barefoot around San Francisco
❤️ Her experiences working with MDMA and LSD-assisted therapy

And then things go off the deep end and she talks about a kundalini awakening experience she had in an ancient Mayan Ruin, and about 52 minutes in Cris shares her roadmap and toolkit for people to begin with Shadow work, navigate existential crises and exploring the roots of their repressed emotions and the vision she has for her card deck being used as an Emotional Guidance System.

🐉 I thoroughly encourage you to check-out the card deck Cris spent the last three years designing over on Kickstarter.

Alright, that’s more than enough rambling from me. If you appreciate this conversation please do give Curious Humans a review on iTunes and share with someone else who you think might appreciate it.

Designing a GPS for Navigating Challenging Emotions with Cris Beasley
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