Exploring Emotional Intelligence + Perfectionism with Emile Steenveld

"When your spine is out of alignment our body tries to adjust and then develops blockages and pain. Exactly the same thing happens when we are out of alignment with our values. Our life develops blockages without the flow of values." —Emile Steenveld
This was a wide-ranging conversation with emotional intelligence coach Emile Steenveld—previously an Australian model and actor traveling the globe for 12 years—he now works as a coach + facilitator, focusing on the inner workings of the relationship with the self and the mind.

In this conversation we dive into:

🇮🇳 Emile's travels in India, learning lessons of simplicity... defining joy as the happiness that doesn't depend on what happens.

🦆 One of the most interesting tangents the topic of being a recovering perfectionist and what he calls duck syndrome

💪  How to build the muscle of emotional intelligence

🤷‍♂️  And some questions that have been running through my mind around Exploring new definitions of masculinity and how to express fully without fear of judgment.

📝  Journal prompts that Emile uses when starting new projects.

–– ––

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Exploring Emotional Intelligence + Perfectionism with Emile Steenveld
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