Exploring the Three Marriages of Self, Work and Partnership with Kelly Wilde

"The human condition that we've all kind of grown up to know, we go through a caging process, we get put into cages, we're asked to color within the lines, follow the rules stick to a path—a plan. And with each part of our wild-ish nature that gets cut off, we essentially build one more bar around us." – Kelly Wilde
Kelly Wilde is an artist, podcaster, performer, meditation mentor and poet who has been exploring the intersections of soul explorations, creative work and rewilding. She also happens to be my wife, and this episode fell on our 18-month anniversary — it’s a particularly juicy conversation and easily the most personal conversation that I've aired to date.

In this conversation, we dance around a range of personal topics including:

🪨  Reflections on the last couple of decades of her life—from existential reckonings, identity crises, multiple career paths and rock-bottom moments that she has been through—and how these challenges have given way to a deeper clarity, knowing herself more intimately and beginning the process of what she describes as rewilding the feral aspects of her psyche.

🧘  This led into the story of our experience at a 10-day meditation retreat we attended in Mexico last year, and how reflecting on death led to us getting married a mere two weeks later.

❣️  We also talk about our reflections on the value we found from working with a couple's therapist, early on in our marriage and how being aware of what she calls the skeleton woman archetype has helped us to navigate rocky moments along the way in our partnership.

I hope you enjoy this intimate conversation with the love of my life, Kelly Wilde.


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Exploring the Three Marriages of Self, Work and Partnership with Kelly Wilde
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