Cory Allen on The Joyful Absurdity of Existence

"To have that level of understanding about consciousness or being you must inherently have the same, you must have a grow sense of humor about it because like that level of macro comprehension is not possible without seeing the absurdity of it all and in the natural elicited response from that is laughter." – Cory Allen
I've been listening to Cory's podcast the Astral Hustle for years now so had so much fun being on the other end of the line and digging into his fascinating mind—he has an amazing gift for walking a line between being ridiculous and playful yet also filled with deep insights and practical tips on mindfulness.

We didn't have time to cover it in this episode but Cory has a background in music and also produces Binaural Beats, which I've been using daily for the last few months to both meditate and focus at work – and you can find these as well as the lowdown on his new book 'Now is the Way' – which is available from today at 📚

This was another of those conversations that just lit me up 🔥it felt like the time flew by but we bounced between the role of humour in spiritual exploration and the 'upside of impermanence' to some of the more practical aspects meditation, how it changes the way we experience the world and how we can get out of our own way to risk being more human.

"The fragments of the self that are shattered you know the different pieces of you that exist within they’re the broken pieces of the mirror that been through the meditation or through creating the space they have the space to start to reconnect into one singular piece of mirror of yourself so that you can look into it and quote-unquote reflect and then begin to understand what you are and then begin to author your future." – Cory Allen


📝Read the full transcript with Cory here.

📚Cory's new book 'Now is the Way' is officially out today and I would thoroughly encourage you all to head over to and add it to your respective reading lists.

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Cory Allen on The Joyful Absurdity of Existence
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