How to Human: Exploring Soul Initiation, Mythopoetic Identity & The Spiritual Adventure with Depth Psychologist & Wilderness Guide Dr. Bill Plotkin

"True Adults and Elders are people who know why they were born, who know who they are as unique individual participants in the web of life, and who, in most everything they do, creatively occupy their distinctive ecological niche as a life-enhancing gift to their people and to the greater Earth community." – Dr Bill Ploktin

Dr. Bill Plotkin is a depth psychologist, wilderness guide and visionary ecopsychologist—his work might well be the map that you didn't know you were looking for.

It has been for me an immense treasure trove of practical wisdom and guidance for thinking about my own growth and maturity.

At the end of our conversation, he shared that this was a book written for future generations—and I believe it may take decades before the importance of this body of work is fully understood.

I hope that this conversation will play some role in spreading his ideas—and on that note, in this deep dive conversation we explore:

🤓  His definition for what it means to be a genuine adult (and why he believes 80% of humanity are currently stuck in early-stage adolescence)

🗺️  His map of the five stages of the descent to soul and the path to becoming a true elder

🌎  His 'four facets of mind' as a unique framework for personal development a and cultivating human wholeness

❤️  What he calls 'sacred wound work' a story of the weavings of the Native American Diné people

🔥  What I consider my own mythopoetic identity to be based on an insight during a vision fast in Nepal

🙋‍♂️  The big question that he would have liked to pose to Carl Jung

❓  What it means for him to 'fill one's space with a question'

🏫  His vision for this work to be put into practice by a global network of 'mystery schools'


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