Human Zoo Counter-Measures & Breaking Breath-Hold Records with Erwan Le Corre

"Oxygen is an accident. Breath is intentional." – Erwan Le Corre
Today's guest is Erwan Le Corre.

Erwan is many things, including the founder of MovNat ~ which is a synthesis of his passion for physical competency with his love of movement in nature. More recently, Erwan also became a US national static breath hold record holder.

In this conversation, we talk about what he describes as the challenges of 'Hamster fitness' & movement poverty predicament and some of his ideas for what he describes quite brilliantly as Human Zoo counter-measures. We also dive into (pun not intended) some of the benefits of practising breath-holding, increasing your CO2 tolerance ~ and how he can hold his breath for over 8 minutes.

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Human Zoo Counter-Measures & Breaking Breath-Hold Records with Erwan Le Corre
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