The Pathless Path & The Magic of Non-Doing with Paul Millerd

"Some of my favourite questions include: What matters? Why do we work? What is the “good life”? What holds people back from change? How do we find work that brings us alive? These are not simple, but when I learned to be guided by my curiosity and pay attention, I started noticing that answers would spontaneously emerge as a byproduct of living my life." – Paul Millerd
Paul and I first met 3 years ago at an event in Portland—he had recently left his job in corporate consulting and we bonded over how lost we'd both felt at times.

Later that week I gave him a copy of 'The Three Marriages' a book by David Whyte where he talks about the Pathless Path that is required for anyone looking to do or create something original.

Fast-forward to today and Paul has just published his first book — Called the Pathless Path — which is his roadmap of sorts for those of us who might have had the boldness to quit the default path & taking an experiment-based approach to figure out how to live well.

Some of the themes we dive into are:

 How he has been exploring the magic of non-doing

❓  Some of the most powerful questions he uses during curiosity conversations with others who are looking to take the leap.

🎢  How to navigate the painful reality that family + friends might not understand his decisions to walk away from a successful career.

📚  Some of the things he believes hold most people back from living more intentionally & the big breakthrough moment he experienced in the midst of writing his book.


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