The Subtle Art of Facilitation with Andi Cuddington

Unlocking the genius in the room, one workshop at a time—practical wisdom on how to become a world-class facilitator.

This conversation is with a close friend of mine, Andi Cuddington—I think of her as a modern-day renaissance woman and I’ll typically turn to her for advice if I’m going through something challenging in my life.  Andi is just endlessly curious and has a totally unique lens on the world as you’ll hear in our conversation.

She has had a thousand side-hustles and jobs in her non-linear career but many of the dots have connected and she has found her calling designing and facilitating workshops—more than anyone else I've encountered, she has mastered of the art + science of workshop facilitation and we do a deep dive into some of her tips and suggestions as well as:

✔️  Unexpected items on her "Apoco-list"
🤔  How we’re both fuelled by the fear of boredom
🌎  How backpacking in Africa shaped her future career trajectory
🏔️  The intriguring connection between adventure and curiosity
👨‍🎓  Tips for what makes an exceptional facilitation experience
👩‍🏫  Superb advice for those dipping their toes into virtual workshop creation.
🔑  Unlocking the genius in the room, one workshop at a time... and much more!

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