Jonny Miller

Jonny Miller

Curious Human

Appears in 6 Episodes

Brushes with Insanity, Insights from Solitude & The Inner Adventure with Daniel Thorson

This is a special episode with Daniel Thorson — who I initially came across through his super podcast called 'Emerge'  and later learned that he was living as a full-t...

The Orchestra of Ancient Healing Wisdom & Practices with Dr. John Churchill

Dr. John Churchill spent 15 years training and teaching “Great Seal” meditation in an Indo-Tibetan lineage and is a founding member of the Integral Institute led by th...

Exploring Somatics, Breathwork & Emotional Fluidity with Jonny Miller & Christofer Lövgren

This is a slightly different type of episode — in which my friend Christofer interviewed me for his superb DO EXPLAIN Podcast. I enjoyed the conversation so much that ...

Deep Fix: Exploring Hakomi & Ayahuasca as Antidotes to Addiction with Alex Olshonsky

When we fall in love, we suddenly become open to new possibilities for our future. Our lives suddenly feel more meaningful, our sense of belonging more relevant. When ...

In-Depth Protocols for Nervous System Thriving with Grimhood

"I do not offer “Medical Advice", I teach Self-Care of what, why, and how to care for yourself when medical system pharma isn’t resolving personal health issues." – Gr...

Human Zoo Counter-Measures & Breaking Breath-Hold Records with Erwan Le Corre

"Oxygen is an accident. Breath is intentional." – Erwan Le Corre

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