Astronomy as a Lens to Understand Yourself with Kevin Hainline

"The stars are a set of templates that we put our own hopes and fears and non understandings and stories on and it’s really fun to find the ones that cultures that never talked with each other because they were separated by vast distances had the same thing." – Kevin Hainline
This was one of those spontaneous conversations that made me feel grateful for having started a podcast...

it was with NASA astronomer Kevin Hainline, recorded sitting next to a stream up in the Spanish pyrenees. We went completely off the deep end and I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that he changed the way I look up at the night sky and sent me into a rabbit hole of researching how different cultures around the world tell stories about the constellations they see.

🦖When Kevin was young he had to choose between dedicating his life to studying dinosaurs or black holes. He chose black holes (although dinosaurs are still very near to his heart).

🍃The surprising reason behind why we have seasons...

🌟Why for Kevin: "The stars are like friends. They comfort me."

🔭How astronomy helps you as a lens to understand yourself and why people should choose a way in which they want to look at the stars.

📚Kevin's personal mission to communicate how important it is that we live in a diverse and interesting and weird world and to celebrate that.

Listener Question >> “What are some of the gateways to awe and wonder for you in the world?

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+ Twitter @kevin_hainline
+ His new video series The Stars Connect Us on YouTube

Show Notes:
+ Full Transcript on Medium
+ The Explorer Book
+ The Exploratorium in San Francisco, a temple to curiosity.
+ Infinite Games by James Carse 
+ DK Encyclopedia homepage

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Astronomy as a Lens to Understand Yourself with Kevin Hainline
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