Growth Loops, Fertile Uncertainty & Ayahuasca Revelations with Anne-Laure Le Cunff

This is my second conversation with Anne Laure — I reached back out after I read a powerful account of her transformative experience drinking Ayahuasca 9 months ago and how following this experience, in her words, she is 'not depressed anymore, I quit drinking… And, for the first time ever and truly happy to be alive'.

So we do a deep dive into her plant medicine experience she had, her reflections since that experience — as well as why linear goals are inherently fragile as compared to what she calls growth loops, how her relationship to ambition shifted after Ayahuasca, her favourite mental model, liminal vs. liminoid spaces, the importance of metacognition and much more!

Episode Timestamps

[00:04:05] "The Hyper Focus of ADHD: Blessing or Curse?"
[00:12:06] "Leaving Silicon Valley: Finding a New Path"
[00:18:26] "Overcoming the Shame of Functional Depression"
[00:25:04] "Experiencing Ayahuasca: Effects and Intention Setting"
[00:38:45] "Psychedelics Increase Brain Rewiring: Emerging Evidence Shows"
[00:47:00] "Mindful Recovery: Checklist vs Listening to Body"
[00:49:56] Embracing the Liminal Space: Redefining Ambition.
[00:54:19] "The Power of Letting Go of Fear"
[00:59:08] "Mastering Growth: The Simple Process of Experimentation"
[01:05:16] "Importance of Metacognition for Growth Group Success"

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Growth Loops, Fertile Uncertainty & Ayahuasca Revelations with Anne-Laure Le Cunff
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