Have We Solved Mental Healthcare? Exploring Psychedelic Therapy for Lasting Transformation with Dr Michael Yang

Dr Michael Yang is an integrative medicine specialist based in Los Angeles who specializes in Ketamine treatment.  I had an absolute blast with Michael and honestly feel a renewed sense of optimism for the medical system knowing that there are doctors like him treating patients.

In this conversation, you can expect to learn:

πŸ’Š Ketamine's clinical use and its role as a psychedelic in his clinical practice
🧠  How to increase the squishiness of your brain
😬 Why suffering might make us uniquely human
πŸ€” A primer on Aztec existentialist philosophy
😲 The incredible benefits of inducing awe in patients


[00:02:31] Categorically curious; downfalls, psychedelics, and intellect.
[00:07:58] Passion for history and diverse experiences.
[00:12:49] Moved from Bay Area to LA for MBA. Ended up running mother's clinic. Frustrated with pace of medical development.
[00:19:11] Capitalism triggers, struggling with community, broad picture. Ketamine and psychedelics require personal experience.
[00:21:32] Book titled "Scared and Horny" explores human experience.
[00:32:26] Ketamine's varying capabilities as a drug.
[00:37:22] Exploring psilocybin and ketamine experiences - transcendent.
[00:42:24] "Awe-inspiring experiences fuel transformation and growth."
[00:51:33] Exploring cultural practices and personal transformation.
[01:01:31] Struggle with global theory and meaning crisis: Suffering as a test for AI. Psychedelics and future of AI.
[01:06:36] Suffering is critical to our survival.
[01:18:47] Outline program, contemplate, change, be present.

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Email Michael at: drmichaelyang@gmail.com
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Have We Solved Mental Healthcare? Exploring Psychedelic Therapy for Lasting Transformation with Dr Michael Yang
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